Hornsby RSL State Major Point Score Billiards Championship


Hornsby RSL State Major Point Score Billiards Championship


Entry into the Hornsby RSL State Major Point Score Billiards Championship

Entry fee includes 2.5% credit card transaction fee

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Tournament Conditions (Please read before entering):

 Eligibility: The following eligibility criteria will apply: a) You must be a current financial member of the Billiards & Snooker Association of NSW (Inc). b) You must be a NSW resident and have been permanently domiciled in NSW for a minimum period of six (6) months immediately prior to this event; c) You must not have previously competed in another State’s Championship of the same discipline (i.e. Billiards) in the same calendar year.

 Rules: The Championship will be played subject to Rules of Billiards prescribed by the WPBSA. Any discrepancies will be referred to the Tournament Director for adjudication.

 Playing Conditions: ABSC Playing Conditions and the Player’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. Any breach or non-adherence to standard etiquette may result in disciplinary action.

 Smoking and Alcohol: No players or referees are permitted to smoke or consume alcohol whilst involved in playing or refereeing a game – unless during an official session break.

 Dress: Tournament standard dress is required for all matches: Tailored trousers; long sleeve, predominately plain coloured shirts buttoned at the wrist; bow ties; waistcoat; socks; dark dress shoes. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in forfeiture of match.

 Refereeing: All players will be required to referee at least one round robin match.

 Format & Prizemoney: Round Robin -. Minimum of $2000 total prizemoney. The NSW Billiards Rankings will be applied to determine seeding for the event

 Entry requirement: An entry form and deposited entry fee is required before any player is permitted to compete.

Tournament Director - Mr Steve Cowie ESM