The NSW Minor billiards was held at Mingara this weekend and last years Minor Snooker winner Adam Fitzgerald has backed it up by winning the billiards this year. The weekend was enjoyed by all who played with some tuff round robin matches going right to the wire. With a small field of 12 runners the matches were extended to 11/2 hrs in round robin and the players loved the table time. The top players from each group advanced to the Semi-finals on Sunday with semi 2hrs and final 3hrs.

Semi finalists were local Leny Wicks along with Adam ,Roger Carr and Andy De Hann.

Leny got the best of Roger in a close match won by 50 points and Adam was too strong for Andy in his match.

The standout for the weekend was Adam by far playing some great billiards and great break building with 17 breaks over 40 and high breaks of 86,96,131 and an unfinished 184.

Great effort Adam and well played, congratulations to all who played and supported the event and also to Mingara for running another successful tournament.

A special thankyou to Adam , Ross Wyard , Gary Knight for helping organise and run the event and to all the referees who put in there time to mark matches.