Roger Farebrother 2014 NSW Snooker Champ

This years titles were held at BLACKTOWN WORKERS CLUB for the third year running. The event attracted 53 entries 10 more than last year and 19 more from 2012. It was a huge program to get through, to enable what would most certainly be a very high quality final to be showcased. This is essential to create a product to try and move the game forward, to utilise the maximum amount of people in the club at anyone time. And put on a good show for them. Something that will be remembered and talked about. And bring people back next year. Something for the players to strive for, to play in a more structured setting. 

Thank you to the players for hanging in their some playing to past midnight on the Saturday¸we will endeavour to find a solution for next year. The final was highly entertaining affair with Roger Farebrother defeating Shawn Budd 4-3. The final had everything breaks safety and some lighthearted moments and a very good crowd generous in their applause enjoyed the free entertainment on offr.

A shot by shot commentary on the semis & final can be seen/read on my facebook page, as a fellow from Tasmania said i was going to watch a movie but this is better. I nearly caught a 147 in the semi-final as Roger made 88 with 11 blacks and looking good to go on just failing with a red into the green corner to be perfect on the 12thblack. Roger def Alan McCarthy 4-2 in one semi in another high class high entertaining match with roger leading 3-1 and 66-0 after nearly making a maximum, alan nearly spoilt his fun by pulling off a fabulous 56 clearance while roger stood helplessly by, but didn’t seem to be affected as rog made a 84 next frame. Meanwhile the other semi Shawn Budd def George Dennauoi 4-0, shawn won a close first frame & and the next two with 40+ breaks and did enough in the next frame to advance to final. Overall the standard of snooker was excellent. With the best of seven format allowing players to get their teeth into it. The highest break was a 121 by Tyson Crinis with another 2 centuries as s two 90’s, four 80’s making 65 +40 breaks. 

A big thank you to the referees who put in a tireless effort on both days, and Tommy Tanaka who refereed the final with distinction. Assistant tournament director Stuart Tait who hung in there with me on both days and is an essential cog in a successful event these days, without stuart I wouldn’t have the luxury of playing as well. 

Thank you to BLACKTOWN WORKERS CLUB the snooker club committee who work all day bringing jugs of water for the players and brushing and padding the tables after each game. And finally a huge thank you to the players for supporting the event, especially the players who stayed the distance on Saturday some marking extra games, a special mention to Yahya Atty who regularly supports our events is generally the first to enter who stayed around to referee my game after nearly beating Joe Minici, thank you Yahya. Until next time enjoy your snooker.

David Waller
Tournament Director