2015 NSW Masters Snooker Report

This was the 4th year the Masters has been held at Club Marconi, so far only 2 names on the trophy, (despite Shawn Budd now qualifying as a master), this year’s winner Joe Minici and Roger Farebrother have now won 2 titles each.

This year Roger (semi-finalist) was on the receiving end of Freddie Borg in terrific form. Fred just couldn’t keep it going in the final and Joe Minici did enough to win.

We had 39 runners and plenty of snooker. There was some terrific matches on Sunday, Glen Wilkinson and Steve Jay had a Double black in the final frame in their last 16 game; they must have had about 10 shots each on the black with Glen winning on a double. Steve played incredibly well displaying terrific cue power and playing entertaining snooker. Joe played extremely well to beat Shawn 3-0 however the third frame was one of the best frames ever, with Joe leading 63-0 and Shawn forcing a re-spot after being snookered on the last red 35 behind, to pot the red from the snooker and clear. Only to pot the black from the D and go in off. Shawn did have the highest break of the weekend with a very well compiled 82 (poss 109). Joe & Glens semi was another thriller going down to the final frame, with Joe needing 3 snookers on the blue to win, Joe got the snookers to take a great win.

Once again Jim Ruisi was up before dawn to prepare the tables on both days, thank you Jim and the Marconi Snooker Association, these tournaments wouldn’t happen without them. Thank you to the referees who stand up all day and don’t deserve criticism just for a lapse in concentration, players make mistakes all the time.

Thank you to our team Stuart Tait, Frank Galanos, Neville Moore, and Alex Ansen. And thank you to all the players and spectators who came along.

David Waller (Tournament Director)


Masters 2014 Joe Minici.jpg