Roger "The Dodger" Wins the 2015 NSW State Snooker

This year’s titles were again held at BLACKTOWN WORKERS CLUB. Roger Farebrother has successfully defended the title with a brilliant all round display of potting, break building, tactics and safety play, and just a general never say never commitment to the way he plays. Congratulations Roger. Well done to Hassan Kerde (who referenced me to Bill Hart, how we miss Bill) for making the final and was looking like the favourite all weekend playing a brand of thoroughly entertaining and extremely solid snooker. Hassan started the final in fine style but struggled to find the rhythm he displayed all weekend. 

Hassan had the highest break of 106, as well as 51,89,62, 62, 57,76 & 79. Roger had a 104,44,46,79,53 & 44. Please see attached list for all high breaks.

Roger defeated Shannon Dixon 4-2 in the semi. Shannon led 2-0 and was looking good but roger clawed his way back and won going all the way. Well done to Shannon who didn’t look like he was suffering from any technical difficulties apart from Roger who’s like a bull dog once he latches on he won’t let go.

The other semi Joe & Huss lived up to expectations with some very entertaining snooker, really it’s great free entertainment, frames were exchanged but at 2 frames each Huss stamped his authority and made a break of 89 and polished off the last frame in his now trademarked style.

The quarter final between Glen and Joe was another extremely high quality and entertaining match, with Joe making a break of 103 in the first, then glen winning the next two in his familiar clinical way. Then Joe was on a maximum until he must have decided to take the pressure off and stopped the ball for an easy pink only to break down unexpectedly on 88, Joe ran out the winner 4-2. Shannon defeated Paul Balzer in another quarter 4-3 and was great to see Paul back and showed he can still mix it with the best. In fact there were so many great matches and so many stories but special mention to Ying Jin who had a great tournament and Alan McCarthy, both players ran into players on top of their game but well done guys.

The event attracted 62 entries 9 more than last year and 28 more than 2012. It was a huge program to get through, and once again the players support was incredible. This is essential to improve on a product and try and move the game forward, to utilise the maximum amount of people in the club at any one time, is crucial to show the sponsor value for money. And players put on a good show for the spectators, something that will be remembered and talked about. And bring people back next year. Thank you to everyone that came to the club to watch.

The state title should be an event for the players to strive for, and we will try to provide a more structured setting. Thank you to the players for hanging in their some playing to past midnight on the Saturday¸ we are endeavoring to find solutions for next year. Thank you to players for your continued support for our game and your continued support is critical for the future.

A huge thank you to the Blacktown Workers Club and the staff for there ongoing commitment to this event, the club opens its arms for us and nothing is too much trouble for them, the club has fantastic facilities and its atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. A great place for a snooker tournament and catching up with friends. And of course another huge thank you for the guys from the Snooker Club, you’re a great bunch of people and your love for the game is evident by what you do and the way you do it. You show your support with all the hard work and your commitment to this event and this is why the event is flourishing. The club is a snookers players dream.

A big thank you to the referees who put in a tireless effort on both days, particularly to Frank Galanos and Neville Moore, thank you for all your support and commitment to our game. 

Thank you to assistant tournament director Stuart Tait who hung in there with me on both days and is the lynchpin in a successful event these days, without Stuart I wouldn’t have the luxury of playing as well. 

Until next time.

Dave Waller
Tournament Director